Pics: New Syrian Air Defense system near occupied Golan Heights

The Syrian Army has recently deployed the new Russian-made short rang air defense system of “Pantsir s1”, near the occupied Golan Heights.
This surprise move by the Syrian military comes amid full mobilization to retake back the southern provinces of Daraa and Al-Quneitra, after completely securing the capital.
Military experts told Muraselon that the recent Syrian Army deploying air-defense is to repel any possible Israeli airstrikes during the ground operation in the southern provinces.
Furthermore, the government forces initiated – few days ago – three-axes military operation to finish ISIS presence in Northeast As-Suwaida province.
Since the 1967 war, Israel has occupied about 1,200 square kilometers of the Golan Heights and annexed them in 1981, a move not recognized by the international community, while some 510 square kilometers remain under Syrian sovereignty
صواريخ دفاع جوي
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