"The condom" a new Palestinian weapon baffles the Israelis (Photos)

After the kites, Palestinian youths made a new weapon from “The condom” that causes confusing to the Israelis, who hesitated to deal with it and reduce its danger.

The youth of “Breaking the Siege” march have introduced a new approach to confront the Israeli army, by the “condom”, that offered by international institutions to Gaza Strip residents for the purpose of birth control, but it has turned into an effective weapon.
Israel has been facing the phenomenon of kites and scorching balloons that cost the Tel Aviv tens of millions of shekels because of the fires that ignite in the areas surrounding the Gaza Strip.

The return marches began with earth-mounds, burning tires, dishes and scorching balloons, adding that there are many ideas coming.” Yahya Saleh , a coordinator at the Youth Committee of “Return march” in Gaza Strip cited to local media.
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