Clashes Between Russian, US Troops in Syria Impossible – Deputy Foreign Minister

Confrontation between Russia and US servicemen in Syria is not possible, Moscow and Washington coordinate activities in Syria through a reliable de-conflicting communication channel, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin has said.
“Clashes, direct confrontation are not possible, that is out of the question, on the contrary, we invite everyone to coordinate in the fight against terrorists,” Sergei Vershinin told reporters.
The diplomat explained that Russia had “a very good and secure de-conflicting channel with the United States.”
“We cooperate and coordinate actions with them, including through the Amman [monitoring] center where we exchange information about the southwest of Syria,” Vershinin noted.
Russia, alongside Iran and Turkey, stays a guarantor of the ceasefire regime in Syria.
Moscow has also been helping Damascus both through supporting the fight against terrorist groups and supplying humanitarian aid to the residents of the crisis-torn country.
Meanwhile, the Syrian government has called on Washington to pull its forces out of Syria, considering their presence to be a violation of Syrian sovereignty.
At the moment, about 2,000 US troops are deployed in Syria.