All potential mobilized to facilitate return of Eastern Ghouta locals to their homes

Damascus countryside governorate has taken all the necessary procedures with the aim of facilitating the return of locals of Eastern Ghouta to their homes after they were displaced due to terrorist organizations’ crimes.
Damascus Countryside deputy governor, Rateb Adas told SANA reporter that the governorate allocated SYP 3 billion to implement the reconstruction projects in Eastern Ghouta area as it began reopening the roads return of locals of Eastern Ghouta in the liberated areas.
Adas said that the return of the locals to their areas liberated by the Syrian Arab Army early last April is done taking into account the nature of each town and the size of destruction there, stressing keenness on the safety of the citizens through cleaning the towns from what has been left behind by the terrorists and dismantling mines planted by them everywhere.
He pointed out that the governorate’s work teams began to restore the services to the areas which have been destroyed by terrorism and address the difficulties to meet the citizens’ needs in addition to removing the debris.
“The rehabilitation of the electricity network is underway. Eastern Ghouta will witness a significant improvement in electricity as well as rehabilitating schools to be put in service ahead of the start of the school year,” Adas added.