New Turkish-sponsored rebel alliance announced by eleven faction merger in north Syria

Several opposition factions in Idlib, Hama and Lattakia countrysides announced the formation of a new rebel alliance called the National Liberation Front (FNL).
The new alliance includes 11 armed factions according to an official statement, “Faylaq Al-Sham, Idlib free army, first and second coastal divisions, Jaish Al-Nasr“. and many more.
In a joint statement published on Monday, May 28, the factions said the formation was to “uphold the principles of the Syrian revolution and seek to achieve it.”
Opposition sources cited that “the formation was receiving major support from Turkey, which was trying to start a new military structure for Idlib.”
Also, “since last February, Turkey was planning to establish new military structure of the Idlib factions, similar to the “Euphrates shield” north of Aleppo.”
Worth-mentioning that the rebel dominated province of Idlib witnesses surge of assassinations repeatedly, targeting prominent leaders among the Islamist factions.
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