Turkish military installs new observation point in western Hama province (MAP)

The Turkish army has established a new observation point , the first of its kind in the western Hama countryside, implementing the Astana talks agreement to reduce tension.
According to opposition sources, a military convoy consisting of 100 vehicles headed from the town of Murek in the countryside of Hama towards the area of ​​Jabal Shehshabu in the western suburb of Hama, as a checkpoint was established in the village of Medan Ghazal in Al-Ghab plain.
The Anadulu news agency reported quoting a military source that the 11th observation post was established in a parallel with “Astana 9” talks holding.
Furthermore, the Turkish army has recently established new observation post in Al-Rashidin area in western Aleppo, according to sources.
During the past few days, the anti-government militants have asked Turkey to set up the all observation points across the Idlib province to avoid any military break-through by the Syrian Army.

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