'This is Not My Language': Assad Responds to Trump

Syrian President Bashar Assad told the RT broadcaster that he was indifferent to his US counterpart Donald Trump calling him an “animal,” as the opinion of the US leader does not matter to him.
In his latest interview with Russia Today, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad stated that he does not have any nickname for US President Donald Trump, despite the latter had called him an “animal” last month.
“This is not my language, so I cannot use similar language. This is his language; it represents him,” Assad emphasized.
The Syrian president has further explained his point, saying that the “Trump’s language” does not change anything for him personally.
“That is the kind of language that Trump uses, and it allows people to form their opinion of him… This [the name-calling] did not change anything… You listen to someone you trust, to sensible, level-headed people who adhere to moral and ethical principles. Their words might have an influence. But the opinion of people like Trump does not matter to me,” Assad said in an interview with RT, as aired in a teaser on Wednesday.

Assad was commenting on Trump’s tweet dating back to April, in which the US president blamed him for the alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians. Damascus has strongly denied the allegations.
Speaking to the RT broadcaster, the Syrian president has once again outlined his government’s position on the ongoing armed conflict in Syria, including allowing militants’ safe passage to Idlib, the escalated standoff with Israel over Golan Heights and the presence of US forces in the north amid Russia’s calls for withdrawal.

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