Syria’s statement at Human Rights Council: Israeli violations not possible without US protection

Syria reiterated condemnation of Israel’s appalling massacres against Palestinians who are tenaciously defending their legitimate national rights.
Syria’s denunciation came in a statement delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of Syria to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva Tawfik Abu Galon, during a Human Rights Council’s special session dedicated to discuss deteriorating human rights situation in occupied Palestinian territories, mainly in east Jerusalem.
“Since late March, Israeli occupation soldiers have deliberately killed over 100 Palestinians and wounded several thousand others. This is the clearest response yet to those defending Israel’s crimes at this council, and the newest proof of Israeli authorities’ barbarity, breaches of international humanitarian law and disregard for the UN resolutions,” he said.
These violations, he said, would not have been possible without US protection of Israel at the UN Security Council and its abstention from adopting any measure to rein Israeli in, even in the form of a press statement by the UN Security Council.
“Israeli settlement activities, forceful displacement of Palestinians and denying them the right to return have all pushed the Palestinian people to protest against these measures and organize return marches to emphasize their legitimate rights,” he added.
Abu Galon considered that the US moving of its embassy to Jerusalem, which is a grave violation of international law and the UNSC resolution no. 478, has emboldened the occupation authorities to brutally put down peaceful protests and commit despicable crimes against Palestinian children and civilians.
The US insistence to let off Israeli occupation soldiers scot-free places the US administration in an untenable position due to its irresponsible decisions and attempts to ignite conflicts in the region, the statement concluded.

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