VIDEO: Syrian security forces unearth large weapons cache in liberated E Ghouta

More of rebel tunnels, hideouts and headquarters are being discovered by the Syrian security forces as a wide-scale mop-up operation continues in the recently-liberated towns of East Ghouta.
Army units have found dozens of terrorist headquarters with extremist literature, arms caches, sophisticated communications gear and tools they used to torture their prisoners.
In the video that released by Russian media outlet of Riafan, hundreds of mortar shells, Home-made rockets, grad rockets along with hand grenades were discovered in a hideout in the eastern Ghouta.
Militants – who for years intimidated the Syrian capital by bloody and indiscriminate mortar and rocket attacks – were evacuated to the country’s north as per an agreement with the Syrian government.
Eastern Ghouta was under Islamist militants’ control since 2012.
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