VIDEO: Syrian sappers uncover large IEDs plant in recently liberated northern Homs

Large explosive production plant was discovered by the Syrian sappers in Akrab village of northern Homs province.
During the mop-up operation in Akrab village, the Syrian military found an abandoned plant for manufacturing of explosives and missiles with various caliber.
Video of the captured factory was released by the Russian outlet of RIFAN, features tens of mortar shells, improvised explosive devices (IED), landmines and TNT boxes.
According to the RIAFAN, The sappers also managed to dismantle and detonate a few mines discovered after the complete evacuation of civilians from the region.
On May 1, the Syrian government, with the assistance of the Russian Reconciliation Center, an agreement reached with the leaders of rebel groups to withdrawal of militants from the north of the province of Homs and the south of the province of Hama towards northern Syria.
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