Syrian Army Calls On Militants in Southern Syria to Surrender Ahead of Offensive

Syrian Army `s Helicopters dropped leaflets over parts of northwest Daraa today, calling on militants to lay down their arms and reconcile with the Syrian government, or, alternatively, continue to “gamble their lives” and face “inevitable death,” according to circulating reports by pro-opposition military monitors.
“Your life and your children’s future is more important than your stubbornness. Dear combatant, for whom are you gambling your life? You have two choices: either your inevitable death or surrendering. The Syrian Army is advancing. Make up your mind before it is too late,” a leaflet dropped over southern Syria on Friday reads.

Towns and villages in the northwest section of Daraa province are closest to government-controlled territory and the frontlines.

Earlier this week, a spokesman for the Syrian Army General Command announced the complete liberation of Damascus after Daesh* terrorists were ousted from their remaining strongholds in Syria’s capital. Government forces are set to turn their attention to southern Syria, where Islamist militants maintain a large presence in the Deraa Governorate.