WATCH: Russian Su-34 raid devastates ISIS base in S Damascus

a Russian Su-34 strike aircraft have conducted multiple powerful air-raids against the Islamic State (ISIS) targets in the raging countryside of southern Damascus.
An aerial video footage captured by a reconnaissance UAV emerges moment of a Russian bomber pummeling ISIS headquarters and gatherings in the Al-Yarmouk camp, according to the source.
Russian media outlet posted the video, noting that “The operator of the Russian military drones monitored the movement of the militants and at the right time provided them to the air-forces.”
Meanwhile, the Syrian ground troops continue on the onslaught, liberating more areas from the self-proclaimed group of ISIS in south Damascus.

Read more: The Syrian Arab Army keep marching on last Islamic state (ISIS) held areas in the southern neighborhoods of the capital Damascus, seizing Israeli ammo boxes along with network on trenches.

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