Rebels to surrender in Northern Homs and Southern Hama

SANA news agency announced reaching an agreement between the Syrian government and the terrorist groups in Homs’s northern countryside.

SANA shared a group of points decreed by the agreement:

1- Exit of terrorist troupe from Homs’s northern countryside and Hama’s southern countryside.

2- Surrender of heavy and medium weapons alongside ammunition to the Syrian Army within two days of signing the deal.

3- Reconciling the Rebels who want to reconcile.

4- Entrance of the Syrian Army and Syrian state institutions to the northern countryside.

5- Militants unwilling to reconcile will exit towards Jarablus or Idlib within 3 days of signing the deal.

6- Homs-Hama Highway to open within 3 days.

7- Terrorist groups will surrender all maps of tunnels and minefields and ammunition depots to the Syrian Army.