VIDEO: Rebel infighting start brewing in southern Syria as SVBIED attack kills scores.

Scores of militants were killed and injured following a car bomb attack occurred in Al-Qunaitra province.
According to opposition source, “the attack targeted a meeting of “Jaish Ababil Houran” fighters inside “Jabhat Ansar Al-Islam” base following IED explosion in Al-Furqan checkpoint in Buriga village.
The rebel outlets published pictures showing a number of dead and wounded militants, moments after the explosion, saying that “at least four fighters were killed and dozens wounded.
The recent incident took place between the 2 rebel factions as a wide-scale military operation led by Syrian Army is underway.
Worth-mentioning that the Russian and Syrian sides gave Daraa militants a deadline of 14 days to surrender then evacuate to Idlib, or facing massive military action.
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