Pictures: Northern Homs militants begin to hand over heavy weapons to government

Field sources in the northern Homs countryside confirmed to Muraselon the start of terrorist groups to hand over medium and heavy weapons to the Syrian army in implementation of the agreement that concluded earlier.
The pictures that released on social media, show rebels transferring vehicles and heavy armor to the area of “Al-Rastan” to deliver them to the Syrian army later.
The SANA news agency has announced an agreement between the Syrian government and terrorist groups in the northern Homs countryside and the southern province of Hama, includes mainly removing of militants towards northern Syria.

SANA also published the terms of the agreement as follow:
1- The exit of terrorist groups from Homs’s northern countryside and Hama’s southern countryside.
2- handing over the heavy and medium weapons alongside ammunition to the Syrian Army within two days of signing the deal.
3- Reconciling the Rebels who want to reconcile.
4- Entrance of the Syrian Army and Syrian state institutions to the northern countryside.
5- Militants unwilling to reconcile will exit towards Jarablus or Idlib within 3 days of signing the deal.
6- Homs-Hama Highway to open within 3 days.
7- Terrorist groups will surrender all maps of tunnels and minefields and ammunition depots to the Syrian Army.