Pictures: Al-Houla civilians go out to celebrate the Syrian Army victory in north Homs

Hundreds of Al-Houla civilians have welcomed the Syrian troops and policemen entering their village after liberating it from terrorists.
People of Kaferlaha, Taldahab and Taldao villages in al-Holeh area in northern countryside of Homs are now living the delightful and comforting joy of victory over terrorism.
SANA news agency posted several pictures from Al-Houla, showing the civilians raising nation flags and chanting national songs and slogans, the people expressed their pride in the heroic achievements of the Syrian army.
Child Aya Qaddour expressed her happiness to come back to school. “I’ve been deprived of my childhood” she said. “We could not leave our home. No school or having fun. Only the sound of bullets can be heard as the terrorists used to fire gunshots in order to spread fear and panic.” Her voice was soft and almost fragile, according to SANA.
Last week, the Syrian Army command announced central Syria is free from terrorists following evacuation deal.