Map update: Syrian Army command announces central Syria free of terrorists

The Syrian Army command has announced that northern Homs and southern Hama countrysides are fully liberated and returned to the government control after evacuation the last batch of militants.
The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces announced that the armed forces, in cooperation with the allied forces, cleared a sprawling area of 1200 square kilometers in Homs northern and Hama southern countryside, restoring security and stability to 65 towns and villages which were controlled by terrorist organizations who were forced to exit the area after turning over their heavy and medium weapons.” state-run SANA news agency reported on Wednesday.
As the Homs-Hama pocket is completely under government control, the nearby villages and towns will be safe from any violence or mortar attacks as the most notably is “Salamiyah” city.
On 2nd of last April, representatives for many villages in Hama province signed an agreement with the government and the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, to reconcile and stop the hostilities against the Syrian Army.
Yesterday, field sources told Muraselon that the Syrian police supported by army men have entered the years-long stronghold of “Talbisah” in northern Homs, after the last patch of rebels were completely evacuated.
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