WATCH: Last Syrian Army battle before liberating Al-Hajar district of south Damascus

The last Syrian Army battle was filmed by ANNA news agency that specialized in taking combat videos from across the Syrian front-lines.
The video first emerges a Syrian tank facing damaged building blocks holed up by ISIS terrorist snipers, shooting concentrically to pave the way for infantrymen to advance from a building to another.
ANNA news reporter who embedded with the Syrian troops, set up a small cam on a T-72 tank turret, and another one inside it, features 2 soldiers of the crew shooting, smoking cigarettes at the same time.
The footage also shows heavy artillery and rockets bombarding on several positions of the terror group of ISIS.
Following a month of intense skirmishes, the Syrian forces finally established its full control over the southern Damascus suburbs of Al-Yarmouk camp and Al-Hajar Al-Aswad.
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