Joint operation led by SDF and Iraqi military against ISIS in eastern Euphrates (Map + video )

The Syrian Democratic Forces “SDF” were able to advance against ISIS on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.
They managed to reach the Syrian-Iraqi border and meet the Iraqi forces there after a joint attack by the Syrian and Iraqi sides.
Video footage released on social media, features moment the SDF fighters meet with Iraqi forces and besieging ISIS terrorists in three towns east of Euphrates river as the map below shows.

According to reports, a joint attack was launched by SDF and the Iraqi military – propelled by coalition bombers – towards the bordering village of albaghour that is under ISIS control.
During the past few days, the Iraqi airforces conducted several airstrikes against suspected ISIS targets inside the Syrian territories, as they reported to neutralize dozens of terrorists, destroying their bases in Deir Ezzor province.
In a related story, the Syrian troops are engaging into heavy battles – at the meantime – against ISIS in the southern axis of Al-Mayadeen city, as they succeeded to gain 1500 km2 swath of lands.