At the same time: Israeli reconnaissance warplanes, Russian jet roam the sky of Lebanon

The Lebanese army confirmed on its official website – on Monday – that several Israeli reconnaissance warplanes penetrated Lebanon’s airspace on Sunday and conducted several sorties for hours before they left the airspace, that in parallel with Russian Sukhoi jet-fighter entering into the Lebanese sky.
“At 13:00, an Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft violated Lebanese airspace over the town of Alma al-Shaab. It flew over Baabda, Beirut and its suburbs, and left at 20.25 over the town of Alma al-Shaab,” the statement said.
According to information monitored by Muraselon, the Russian Sukhoi flight was in the afternoon of Sunday, this coincides with what the Lebanese army published on its website about penetrating the sky  by Israeli enemy reconnaissance aircraft by one o’clock yesterday afternoon.
Among the social media, there are information about the Russian Sukhoi intercepting Israeli F-16 fighters over Lebanon. This is contrary to the statements of the Lebanese army. The warplanes left Lebanese airspace before the Russian Sukhoi entering . The only event is that the Russian Sukhoi plane probably objected Israeli reconnaissance aircraft and forced them to return, according to the sources.
There was no official statement from the Russian Defense Ministry or the Israeli occupation army about the fact that the Russian plane was required to enter the Lebanese airspace.
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