Hundreds of military policemen from Ingushetia go to Syria

The press office in the Presidency of Ingushetia Republic announced that, the military police battalion intends to go to Syria for the third time to participate in a peacekeeping operation.
“Today, the Ingushetia leadership is setting up a new group with military police officers of the 19th Independent Mechanical Infantry Division of the Southern Military Region. 400 people will go to the Syrian Arab Republic to participate in a peacekeeping operation. ”
President Putin emphasized – at his annual press conference – that his idea of sending members of the military police battalion of the North Caucasus federal region was correct, since most of the Muslims living in this region are Sunni. This has become a factor of confidence of the local population in the Sunni areas.
The President of Ingushetia “Yunus Bey Yevkurov” confirmed today that it is the third trip of military police from Ingushetia to Syria, and wished them success in carrying out their duties and return safely to their homeland.
Over the past few days, aid from the Russian Republic has been distributed to some 1,000 Syrian families who have lost some of their children or been injured.
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