Higher Constitutional Court’s head and members sworn in before President al-Assad

Before President Bashar al-Assad, head and members of the Higher Constitutional Court were sworn in in a ceremony attended by Speaker of the People’s Assembly Hammoudeh Sabbagh.
Afterwards, President al-Assad received the members and wished them success in their work.
President al-Assad affirmed the importance of the Higher Constitutional Court in upgrading the legal thought, monitoring the conformity of laws and decrees with the Constitution and avoiding any mistakes in them.
President al-Assad pointed to the vitality of the relationship between the Constitutional Court and the various state institutions, including the People’s Assembly, for the optimal form for laws and decrees.
For his part, members of the Court stressed their determination to exert utmost efforts in performing their work in order to strengthen the rule of law and the judiciary.
On May 8, President al-Assad issued decree no. 165 for 2018, naming Mohammad Jihad al-Laham as head of the Higher Constitutional Court, and naming its members.
The members of the Court are:
-Judge Bashir Ibrahim Dabbas.
-Judge Raslan Ali Trabolsi.
-Judge Malek Kamal Sharaf.
-Dr. Jamila Msallam al-Sherbaji.
-Dr. Saeed Abdelwahed Nahili.
-Lawyer Afif Mikhail Nassif.
-Lawyer Majd Rasheed Khadra.
-Lawyer Mohammad Nawwaf Mohammad Anwar Hamada.
-Salwa Kadib.
-Lawyer Mutasem Skaiker.

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