'Chemical Attack' Provocation With US Participation Planned in Syria – Source

A source, who has a connection to the special services in Syria, told Sputnik, that terrorists plan a provocation near an American base in Deir ez-Zor region. According to the source, American intelligence forces are involved in the operation.
“US security services are planning provocations with the use of prohibited substances in Syria. The operation is led by a former militant of the Islamic State (IS, a terrorist group banned in Russia), Mishan Idris Hamash. The aim is to stage a chemical attack against civilians to be further spread in the media,” the source said.
According to the source, the preparations began on April 23. The civilians are being shipped to a territory near Jafra oil field to participate in a staged filming of an attack scene.
The situation in the county escalated last month, when an alledged chemical attack on the city of Douma by the Syrian Government was used to justify airstrikes against Syria, performed by the US-led coalition. Damascus strongly denied those allegations, adding that the use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburb could have been planned by terrorist groups. At the same time, Moscow found the “victims” of the claimed attack, who told they were forced to participate in the filming.
The international community has voiced concerns about the use of chemical weapons inside of Syria since the alleged use of sarin gas in Damascus in 2013. After the incident Syria joined the OPCW and agreed to destroy its chemical weapons arsenal. On January 4, 2016, the OPCW confirmed in a statement, that Syrian chemical weapons are completely destroyed.