Villages and farms in the south-eastern Hama countryside reconcile with government

Yesterday, representatives for many villages in Hama province signed an agreement with the government and the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, to reconcile and stop the hostilities against the Syrian Army.
The deal includes to lay down weapons that held by militants and have their statuses settled after.
The villages covered by the agreement are located on the eastern border of the Orontes (Al-Assi) river in the southern province of Hama: “Zour Allash and Jumakilya, Zour Abu Darda, Ramleh, Qubayha, Hanifa, Amara, Akshan and Mishka”.
Andrei Vladimić, representative of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, said that the responsibility of the center to monitor the implementation of the terms of the convention and to ensure consideration of all violations and provide assistance in accepting the satisfaction of all parties.

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