VIDEO | Syrian Army uncovers cache of US-made TOW missiles in East Qalamoun

Huge quantities of the US-made, anti-tank TOW missiles were found hidden in caves of the East Qalamoun Mountains as the Syrian forces resumed a mop-up operation in the former rebel-held area.
Video footage was released featuring great numbers of boxes which contain the tube-launched American missiles, in addition to launch pads, equipment and ammunition.
The area was formerly controlled by several FSA-affiliated militia, most prominently Ahmad al-Abdo Brigade and Osoud al-Sharqiyah. Those rebel fighters eventually accepted an evacuation deal with the Syrian government after the Army initiated a military operation.
The surrendered militants and their families are now being evacuated from al-Ruhaybah, al-Nasriyah and Jeroud cities to Jarabulus and Idlib in northern Syria