Tiger Forces prepare for new battle outside of Al-Qalamoun

Muraselon News received exclusive news about the Tiger Forces’ next deployment after the military operation in Al-Qalamoun has Completed
Sources informed Muraselon that the elite forces will redeploy to Yarmouk Camp region and Qadam district to liberate the area from Islamic State terrorists.
ISIS controls Yarmouk Camp, Hajar Aswad, and portions of al-Qadam in southern Damascus (due to the unorganized transition of control between the rebels and the Damascus government).
Earlier on Thursday , The Syrian government troops initiated a military operation to get rid of the self-proclaimed Islamic state (ISIS) pocket in southern Damascus suburbs.
On April 22, 2018, an operation was completed in East Qalamoun. Within 4 days the “Tiger Forces” division cut the supply route for militants near Ruhheiba town.
After that, the Islamists adopted the ultimatum of the legendary General Suheil Salman al-Hassan and handed over to the Syrian military all the heavy and medium weapons.
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