The largest rebel faction in Qalamoun refuses negotiations with the Russians – Report

According to pro-opposition sources, The faction of the “Liberation Army of Sham”, rejected the negotiations with Russia in eastern Qalamoun.
Russia gave the Qalamoun factions three options: to hand over weapons and have statuses settled or to leave the region or to activate the military option and start a battle to get them out.
“The negotiations with the Russians began about six months ago,” said a spokesman for the Liberation of Syria, Nuros Rancus, adding that: “A committee from the region was formed to negotiate with the government and asked to be its commissioner for all factions.
The “Liberation Army of the Sham” was formed in March 2015, led by the dissident captain ‘Firas Bitar’,  following the “Free Syrian Army” and its aim to fight the Syrian Army only.
The eastern Qalamoun are controlled by opposition factions, most notably the Jaish Al-Islam, the Martyr Ahmed al-‘Abdu, and Awsoud Al-Sharqiyah and have been in a truce with government for two years.

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