Syria's Douma to Get Massive Humanitarian Assistance – Internal Trade Minister

The Syrian city of Douma, recently cleared from militants, will get massive humanitarian assistance, the country’s Internal Trade and Consumer Protection Minister Abdallah Garbi told Sputnik on Friday.
“The first delivery with 500 tonnes of food products for the city’s residents has already been made. Moreover, people will be provided with everything necessary for normal life. In the near future, a mobile bakery will be delivered. Five private bakeries will get everything necessary for operation,” Garbi said.
The minister pointed out that the ministry was assessing damage to buildings, adding that most of the damage was not significant and repair work would be carried out in the near future.
“Every day, the city of Douma receives hundreds of tonnes of food products, people get fresh bread, vegetables and fruit for free. That urges residents who left [Douma] to return to their homes. We are thus implementing the order of Syrian President Bashar Assad,” Garbi said, adding that six shops had been opened in the city.
Earlier this month, Douma, which is located in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta, was liberated from militants by the Syrian army. The city also witnessed an incident which was regarded as a chemical attack by the Western states and as a provocation by Damascus and Moscow. The incident caused a new wave of tensions around Syria including trilateral US-UK-French airstrikes.

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