Syrian Opposition to Launch Counter-Offensive After Possible US Strike – FSA

News about a new possible offensive in Syria comes as US President Donald Trump threatens with a missile strike on the country.
Washington blames Damascus for conducting an alleged chemical attack in Douma, using reports by the controversial White Helmets as proof. Syria and Russia have denied the accusations, branding them a pretext for invasion.
A Free Syrian Army (FSA) commander Fateh Hassoun has announced that it will start a new offensive following a possible US strike on Syria. According to him, the FSA is planning on regaining lost areas and capturing new ones. He also claimed that the possible US strike would weaken Damascus’ positions and will allow the start of “real negotiations.”

“We will try to take advantage of this strike, […] since these strikes will lead to the dispersion of the regime’s forces, the chaos in its ranks and the retreat of the regime.

Such circumstances will subsequently prepare the armed forces […] for launching attacks, during which it will be possible to regain control of certain areas and capture new ones,” Hassoun said.

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