Syrian Army amasses troops to end jihadist presence in southern Damascus

The Syrian army troops are being deployed – in southern Damascus – in preparation for a new military operation aiming at clearing the area completely of militants, local sources said.
The troops have been spotted near the Yarmouk refugee camp, where the terrorist organizations of the Islamic State (ISIS) dominates it, along with few districts under the control of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS).
The UK-based Observatory said that “the military reinforcements of the Syrian army continue to flow  towards the southern districts, from inside the capital Damascus and outside since Sunday.”
In the same context, the militants in the town of Yilda, Beit Saham and Babila asked for national reconciliation with government, amid mass demonstrations by civilians demanding the entry of the Syrian army into the towns and remove militants.
It is noteworthy that the terrorist organization of “Da’ash” is stationed in Yarmouk camp and parts of “Hajar Aswad” and “Tadamon” since 2015. and managed to control the neighborhood of “Al-Qadam” in the last month.
With removing all the militants from the southern Damascus districts, the Syrian government would extend its control over the entire capital for the first time since 2012.
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