VIDEO | Syrian Army seizes dozen of tanks following rebel surrender in East Qalamoun

Scores of tanks and armored vehicles were seized by the Syrian Army after militants of the East Qalamoun region surrendered to the Syrian Army.
Video footages published online by social media activists show several tanks and vehicles – formerly captured by rebel fighters – now under the Syrian Army control in the wake of a wide-scale military operation launched recently by the Syrian forces.

In a related context, arms caches of the US-made, anti-tank missiles were discovered hidden in caves of the East Qalamoun Mountains ..Read More 
The area was formerly controlled by several FSA-affiliated militia, most prominently Ahmad al-Abdo Brigade and Osoud al-Sharqiyah. Those rebel fighters eventually accepted an evacuation deal with the Syrian government after the Army initiated a military operation.
The surrendered militants and their families are now being evacuated from al-Ruhaybah, al-Nasriyah and Jeroud cities to Jarabulus and Idlib in northern Syria

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