Situation in Syria Shows 'Cold War is Back' – UN Chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres suggested in an interview with the Swedish SVT broadcaster, released on Monday, that the United Nations was incapable of solving the problems Syria was facing, especially in the light of the existing disagreement within the UN Security Council.
Asked about what his message would be to the Syrians who had lost their faith in the United Nations since their country has been devastated by war for seven years, Guterres recalled that there were various forces from across the world, as well as multiple divides between them in Syria.
“It’s not the UN that will be able to solve the problem … It is obviously naive to think that the UN can magically solve that problem, especially when the Security Council is so divided as it is,” Guterres said.
The UN secretary-general also noted that the current situation around Syria had shown that “the Cold War is back.” However, at present, there are no two homogeneous well-controlled blocks, and no mechanisms of control over the situation, which existed in the Cold War era.
The situation around Syria escalated in the wake of the reported chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma near Damascus on April 7. The alleged attack prompted France, the United Kingdom, and the United States to fire over 100 missiles on what they called the Syrian government’s chemical weapons sites, since the western states accused Damascus of using hazardous substances against civilians.