Saudi regime tries to rescue its mercenary in Douma through re-circulating chemical fabrications

Well-informed source said that the Kingdom of Al Saud must stop backing terrorists in Syria and other parts of the world.
“ We, and the world as a whole, know well the role of this Kingdom in forming, financing and sponsoring the terrorist Takfiri ideology from Afghanistan to Syria and Iraq,” the source told SANA on Sunday.
The source stressed that all the calamities facing peoples of the region are due to the policies of Bani Saud and their ideology, which are compatible with the ideologies of the terrorist organizations under different names.
“The Bani Saud Wahhabi regime, which created al-Qaeda terrorist organization, is trying to preserve the life of its terrorist organization, named “Jaish al-Islam,” through falling back on the chemical fabrications and shedding crocodile tears on the Eastern Ghouta, the source said.

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