“Jaish al-Islam” terrorists use civilians in Douma as human shields, prevent them from leaving

“Jaish al-Islam” terrorists are repeating the crimes committed by Jabhat al-Nusra and Failaq al-Rahman terrorist organizations by using the locals in Douma as human shields in order to stop the advance of the Syrian Arab Army units towards the terrorists’ hideouts inside Douma city, a similar scenario to what had happened in the towns and villages of Eastern Ghouta.
A military source said in statement to SANA that Jaish al-Islam terrorists are preventing civilians from leaving Douma city as they opened fire on the demonstrators who took to the streets to demand that terrorists to leave the city and release the abductees.
The source said that 33,345 persons exited Douma since March 5th, as the army units secured the evacuation of the thousands of civilians via al-Wafideen Camp safe corridor and transported them to temporary housing centers, adding that 2,963 terrorists from Jaish al-Islam and their families exited the city over the past week, according to the “Douma agreement” before the terrorists obstructed it due to internal differences among them.
Jaish al-Islam terrorists are also attempting to exploit the thousands of abductees held in the terrorists’ prisons for years in Douma city, with the aim of using them as a trump card in order to escape retribution.

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