French naval scandal: Total failure in launching French naval missiles to strike Syria

French newspaper revealed a scandal that the French navy failed to launch missiles in the night of the “Tripartite Aggression” on Syria.
According to l’Opinion newspaper, a French military source has confirmed that the French navy faced a major failure in launching of many “Scalp naval” missiles from the group of missiles “16” in the frigate “Freem”, which was on its way to hit targets in Syria.
The source added that a number of rockets supposed to be fired at Syria. “often, there was an intention to fire 16 rockets,” the source said, adding that only three were fired from the entire French fleet.
The source said that the French Navy and the maritime industry groups had not provided any explanations so far about the incident.
According to the sources, the failure of the launch was due to technical problems.
According to the “Echo of the armies” Facebook page; concerned with the military affairs, France would’t has the ability to bomb the land targets without activating the “Scalp naval” missile system.
France compared to other countries such as Britain, Russia, China and the USA are very late in the techniques of land bombardment by sea.
In total, France moved three Freem frigates and submarines to launch three missiles at Syria only!
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