Main HQ for Jaysh al-Islam in Douma exposed [+Video]

For the first time, the Syrian Army uncovered the main headquarter for the commanders of Jaysh al-Islam located seven stories underground in the city of Douma.
Footages filmed by war correspondent of al-Ikhbaiyah TV Channel clearly shows a network of tunnels inside the ‘green zone’ of Jaysh al-Islam which eventually leads to the head office of the group’s leader Abu Humam al-Bwidani.
The footages also showed rocket launchers and ammunition hidden in basements to take cover from the Syrian airstrikes. Those launchers were used to target the Syrian capital with rockets and explosive missiles.
Documents which survived the fire made by militants before their evacuation exposed the plans made by al-Bwidani to manufacture ‘chemical materials’.
Yesterday, the Syrian Army officially announced the liberation of all East Ghouta region after the last batch of militants left their bastion in Douma.

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