For the first time: Russia sends "Tor-M2" air defense system to the base of Humaimim (photo)

During a visit to Humaimim airbase, a Russian journalist published several photos of the airport showing the presence of the Tor-M2 air defense system inside it.

This is considering as the first time Russia sending this system to Humaimim airport, which contains one of the best air defense systems in the world, the “S 400”.
The Russian Ministry of Defense has already published pictures of this system in Russian territory.

a video was emerged the test of Russia’s promising Tor-M2 air missile system against air targets.
The “Tor-M2” is an upgraded system of the Russian anti-air Tor family, The upgraded system is equipped with a new “9M 338 Ka” rocket. The number of rockets in one combat vehicle increased from 8 to 16.