Elite Syrian task force deployed on northern Homs for upcoming assault (Pictures)

The elite Syrian task force of the “Tiger Forces” have been deployed for northern Homs countryside to combat the extremist group of Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham aka HTS.
It was planned to pour into southern Damascus frontlines to fight the terror organization of ISIS. however, The government forces managed to advance steadily, restoring control of new neighborhood from the jihadists (MAP )
The military units launched a military campaign against the insurgents who refused to reconcile or surrender in a number of towns in the western Salamiya countryside, and managed to control them, while several towns in the southern Hama chose the reconciliation and raised the Syrian flag recently.
Finally, the deployment of the Tiger forces would – for sure – speed up the government advance in southern Hama and northern Homs jihadists’ pocket.
Below , Pictures of the “Tiger Forces” columns heading out of Al-Qalamoun region .