Map update: Syrian Army regains important hilltops in eastern Qalamoun .

The Syrian Arab Army backed by national defense forces, managed – on Friday – to restore control over multiple key mountains in the eastern Qalamoun region in northern Damascus countryside.
Military sources confirmed to Muraselon that the storming troops took control over “Al-Afa’ei”, “Al-Batra’a” mountain chains after heavy bombarding and clashes with the terror groups, seizing around 20 armored vehicles too.
With this advancement, the government forces are particularly encircle the rebel-held areas of Ruhaiba, Nasriayh and Jairoud that were surrendered to Syria Army yesterday.
The recently-reached agreement is supposed to be occurred tomorrow on Saturday, as the rebels must hand over all the heavy weapons and materials to the government.
Couple days ago, the rebels of Jaish Al-Islam moved out from Al-Dumair city into Jarablus in northern Syria in a deal with government.
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