Breaking Map : Syrian Army scores major advance in East Qalamoun

Following launch of an offensive by the Syrian army in East Qalamoun yesterday against militants in East Qalamoun pocket , the Syrian army units managed on Thursday morning to fully besiege rebels stronghold Ruhaybah town after heavy clashes with militants in the area
Field sources told Muraselon that besieging Ruhaybah town came after Syrian troops advance and capture of Kharnubah hill and Ard Al-Masleha where army units after this advance met with other SAA units stationed on Abu Al-Seen hill axis north of Rahaybah town
leading to fully besieging of FSA militants who refused the reconciliation process in the area
The region is under various rebel groups such as “Ahmad Al-Abdo”, “Jaish Tahrir Al-Sham” and a number of other faction of ” Awsod Al-Sharqiyah “who refuse till this moment to reconcile with the government.
At the same time , Sana news agency stated that evacuation of Jaish al-islam militants from Dumayr city has started where 13 buses carrying hundreds of Jaish al-islam fighters are preparing to exit Dumayr city and leave toward Jarablus – North Syria in upcoming hours
On Tuesday evening, the Syrian army received heavy, medium weapons and military equipment from the “Jaish Al-Islam” (Army of Islam) militants in Al-Dumair city in east Qalamoun, acting under the newly concluded agreement between rebels and the government forces.
#Update l Breaking: East Qalamoun rebels fully surrender following Syrian Army advance – Exclusive

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