Breaking Map | Syrian Army liberates important neighborhood in ISIS-held districts south Damascus

Military source told Muraselon that the Syrian Army managed to achieve substantial advances around the group’s main bastion of al-Hajar al-Aswad .
The Source confirmed that the Syrian forces succeed in controling of al-Madniyah neighborhood west of al-Hajar al-Aswad district in south of Damascus
By this liberation , ISIS militants sites in districts of Al-Jura, Assali, and Qadam are under Syrian Army fire control from north and south axes

Yesterday , opposition media sources confirmed the death and injury of many ISIS terrorists including emirs during armed confrontations with the Syrian Army south of Damascus.
The opposition network “Voice of the Capital” announced the death of Khalid Hawshan who was “one of the most prominent ISIS commanders” in Al-Assali district in a Syrian airstrike that targeted ISIS deployments around the district.
According to sources, Taref Mu’jel, another commander in the terrorist group was also killed alongside Aazi al-Halabi who was a famous sniper in the ranks of the terrorist groupies during battles in Qadam district.
Opposition sources revealed that 57 militants so far were killed including many field commanders and emits during the military operations of Thursday’s afternoon.
Jaish al-Islam terrorists had announced earlier in the week the killing of 12 ISIS fighters including two commanders in a Syrian air strike in Zain district.

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