Breaking Map : Syrian Army fully captures 3 districts in South Damascus

Big advance was made today by Syrian Army where SAA units managed to capture entire Qadam, Al-Assali and Al-jorah districts hours after taking control of Madaniyah neighbor which propelled Syrian Army to advance and capture the other areas
Military source confirmed tonight that Syrian troops captured the 3 districts and are advancing on Hajar Aswad and its surrounding as well
This advance comes after Syrian units captured early on Madaniyah which propelled Syrian Army to besiege ISIS terrorists inside Qadam, Jorah and Assali from north and south forcing them to retreat toward Hajar Aswad
This rapid advance comes after Syrian Army break thru ISIS strongest defense lines in the area where they are facing total collapse amid ongoing Syrian Army offensive
On ground, Syrian troops are working now on advancing in southern axis of Hajar Aswad where Syrian Army reached outskirts of Al-Zeen neighbor having fire control over it entirely
We shall see more advance in upcoming hours where Syrian army is working on multiple axes at same time overwhelming ISIS defenses in the area

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