WATCH the Egyptian air forces pummel ISIS groups near borders with Libya

The Egyptian army continues to conduct military operations against the terror group of the Islamic state (ISIS), using all its forces – infantry, tanks, artillery and aviation.
The Jihadist positions are not only fired from the ground with 122-mm and 130-mm guns, but are also attacked from the air by AH-64 helicopters and F-16 fighters. however, the ISIS militants managed to gain a foothold in the north of the Sinai peninsula, creating a lot of well-equipped and hidden positions.
Despite all the military actions of the Egyptian government, the position of the Islamic state in the region remains quite strong. The army is compelled to conduct military operations not only on Sinai, but also on the west of the country on the border with Libya.
The below compilation footage was released by Russian activists, emerges moment of heavy bombarding conducted by the Egyptian air-power against the insurgents of ISIS near the Libyan borders.

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