WATCH: Terrorist group ambushes US special forces in west Africa

The terrorist organization “Da’ash” published a video clip, feature an ambush, that killed four US soldiers in Niger.
The video, that included shocking scenes of 9 minutes and 15 seconds, showed the last moments of American soldiers, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” .
The British newspaper, which obtained a copy of the video, said that American soldiers were killed on 4 October, in an ambush by 50 fighters of “ISIS” in the area “Tongo Tongo” in Niger.
The ambush occurred during the return of 12 US special forces soldiers and 30 Nigerian soldiers in a village near the border with Mali to search for a senior member of the Da’ash organization.
The newspaper said that the video raises questions about the role of the US military in Niger, especially since there are 800 US troops, who are available to train local forces and to operate drones.