WATCH how Syrian Army divided Ghouta into halves, Highlight from the entire battle

The Syrian troops have completely sliced the opposition-held enclave of the eastern Ghouta into three small pockets, encircling the two largest stronghold cities of Douma and Harasta.
Recently, the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA News) which operating in Syria since the early years of war, has released a combat footage of Syrian Army operations in the eastern Ghouta.
The battlefield footage emerge 15 minuets of fighting and engaging with the rebel groups in the towns of Misraba, Beit sawa and Madera that resulted in dividing the eastern Ghouta into halves and linking with the other troops in the vehicles base.
Earlier today, the Syrian Republican Guard took the town of Aftris from terrorist groups after a fierce battle to control its farms and outer defenses.