WATCH Girl From E Ghouta Flees for Safety While Coming Under Terrorist Gunfire

As the children were passing through a field, terrorists spotted them, opening fire at them. Their parents were killed, but the children survived and were able to run away.
A 12 years old girl named Fatima told Sputnik how she, along with her brother and parents, tried to escape from Eastern Ghouta through some agricultural fields.
They managed to reach the positions of the Syrian army and are now safe, as the children were taken under the care of their grandmother

On March 7, a Syrian army colonel told state TV that people in Eastern Ghouta would return to the “state’s embrace” very soon, while another Syrian commander told the SANA broadcaster that militants had mined roads in the area.

“We have received instructions from the army command to lift the siege of our people in Eastern Ghouta. God willing, very, very, very soon… they will return to the state’s embrace,” the colonel said in a broadcast near the town of Mesraba.

Earlier on the same day, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the Syrian army was launching an operation in the region to eradicate the security threat posed to civilians in response to the daily bombardment of areas in central Damascus by terrorists in Eastern Ghouta.
“While self-proclaimed representatives from among the opposition, who are far from Eastern Ghouta, are making loud statements about the alleged readiness of the enclave’s armed groups to comply with the provisions of [UNSC] Resolution 2401, the terrorists operating on the ground continue to disrupt daily humanitarian pauses, which were established at the initiative of Russia, and are strictly observed by the Syrian military,” Zakharova stressed.