US-Led Coalition Reportedly Bombs, Kills Civilians in Eastern Syria Again

The alleged attack was the latest in a series of airstrikes which hit civilians in the country’s eastern regions, amid an escalation of US-led coalition attacks.
Multiple civilians were killed and dozens more injured in a coalition strike targeting the village of al-Sirajieh in southern Al-Hasakah governate, the Syrian Arab News Agency reports, citing civilian sources. Coalition warplanes reportedly fired several missiles into the village, hitting residents’ homes.
The alleged airstrike was a follow-up to an attack March 1 which killed three civilians, including a child, and injured at least five more, in an attack on the village of al-Safawi.
The US-led coalition has escalated its activity in Syria’s eastern region over the past two weeks or so, killing at least 69 civilians and injuring dozens more in the area of Dhahret al-Allouni, as well as al-Sh’afeh and al-Bahra in the Deir ez-Zor countryside.
Last week, the Russian Ministry of Defense marked its concern over the fate of civilians in territories held by US-led coalition forces or their armed opposition allies, stressing that the civilians in Raqqa and the Rukban refugee camp in At-Tanf region in particular were experiencing a “humanitarian catastrophe.” The Russian military also reported that jihadist militants were moving freely near the US base in al-Tanf, seemingly contradicting the US’s stated aim of fighting terrorism in Syria.