Russian Delegation Reportedly Enters Syrian Town for Militant Surrender Talks -Reports

Troops from the Syrian Army have liberated much of the East Ghouta region in Damascus from hardline Islamist militants in recent weeks. With this area almost entirely under the control of government troops, the Syrian Army is likely to soon take aim at other militant-held parts of the capital.
Negotiators from a Russian military delegation entered a town in southern Damascus to discuss a transfer or surrender deal with militants, according to reports by Syrian media, citing an informed source in the capital.
The delegation from the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria reportedly entered the town of Babbila this afternoon to provide the militants stationed there with an opportunity to reconcile with the government or be transferred to another area – most likely to the northwestern province of Idlib.
Babbila is not a part of the East Ghouta region, and has witnessed little fighting between the Syrian Army and occupying militants, as it has been under a ceasefire agreement for months.
Syrian authorities are currently in the process of transferring militants from a cluster of towns and settlements in East Ghouta to northwestern Syria, as part of a large transfer deal.