Pictures: Syrian troops capture "Death frontline" from eastern Ghouta militants.

The government troops operating in the eastern sector of the eastern Ghouta, managed to seize large network of trenches and tunnels, after battles with the jihadist groups.
Recently, The combat forces were also capable to liberate Hawsh aldawahrah and the air-defense battalion, extending its control to the vicinity of Al-Shifouniah town.
The so-called “Death frontline”; a large network of tunnels and fortified positions named by rebel groups, was completely seized by the Syrian Army, following fierce clashes.
Several photos were released on social media, feature the lately uncovered locations that were camouflaged to confuse the storming troops of the Syrian Army.

In Harasta battleground, the units of the government are advancing steadily in order to converge over the rebels after reaching a significant distance in northern and southern the years-long opposition-held area
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