Pictures : Syrian forces recapture Army base in East Ghouta, march on new town

Syrian Army units fighting Islamist militants in East Ghouta region liberated the Tank Maintenance Base located outside Hawsh Asha’ari town along with the surrounding farms following ferocious battles with the rebels.
A military source told Muraselon website  that the Syrian forces are now engaged in heavy clashes to reclaim Hawsh Asha’ari and al-Rihaniyah towns.
Photos released by the Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) clearly shows the base under full control of the Syrian troops.

رحبة دبابات حوش الأشعري

Led by the SAA’s lite Tiger Forces, the Syrian forces initiated the 2nd phase of East Ghouta offensive, aiming at splitting the rebel-held enclave into halves.
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This will be achieved once the troops restore Mesraba , Biet Sawa towns and meet up with the Army units in Army Vehicle Base to the west.

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